Who We Are

MedmarQ is a San Diego-based company, established in 1977, to provide transcription services to acute care hospitals, clinics, surgical centers, and private physician offices. We are committed to quality transcription and personal service.

MedmarQ transcriptionists are required to have at least three years of inpatient hospital transcription experience, however most have 10 years, and a few have 20 years experience. Our trained professional staff can transcribe any specialty with an accuracy you and your patients deserve.


MedmarQ’s past and present client list includes:

  • Sharp Health Care system
  • Scripps Health Care system
  • Pomerado-Palomar Hospitals
  • Naval Regional Medical Center-San Diego
  • Providence Medford Medical Center
  • Providence Portland
  • Pioneers Memorial Hospital.
  • Children’s Hospital, San Diego
  • Providence Radiation Oncology
  • Rogue Valley Urology
  • San Diego Physiatry and Pain Management
  • Private physician offices specializing in
    • oncology
    • radiation
    • surgery
    • internal medicine
    • dermatology
    • ophthalmology
    • urology
    • cardiology
    • cardiac surgery
    • neurology
    • pulmonology
    • radiation oncology
    • orthopedics
    • orthopedic surgery
    • neurosurgery
    • physical medicine
    • rehabilitation
    • pediatrics
    • anti-aging
    • infectious disease


MedmarQ is HIPAA compliant, all of your records are transcribed in the United States, and each transcriptionist is required to sign a confidentiality agreement. If you request records e-mailed back to you, they are sent via encrypted e-mail.  Read more about confidentiality and your medical records.

Call 858-566-7346 or e-mail us today for more information about our services